Post Grotesk

Incubator / Post Grotesk

The development of Josh Finklea’s Post Grotesk began in the Spring of 2011 as a project to design a contemporary version of the traditional grotesk sans-serif. The intention was to build an amiable typeface with maximum usability and an overall sense of neutrality. Post Grotesk reduces the typical rigidness of a grotesk through subtle additions of personality and uniqueness.

Post Grotesk Styles

Post Grotesk is available in 4 feature-rich weights in Roman & Italic with built-in small caps.

Version History

V1.0—Initial release version; 2013.10


Standard licensing: OTF (CFF-flavored OpenType)
Web font licensing: WOFF, EOT & SVG
Dynamic embedding licensing: OTF (CFF-flavored OpenType)
Other formats available upon request.

Typer / Post Grotesk

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