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Perspecta 47 / Money

Vllg postgrotesk perspecta
Post Grotesk, designed by Josh Finklea, in use in Perspecta, Issue 47

Published by MIT Press, the Yale School of Architecture journal Perspecta is the oldest student-edited architectural journal in the United States. Issue 47 focuses on the topic Money, and the book design references structural elements of currency, tropes of financial newspapers, and uses a black and metallic gold palette.

Issue 47 of Perspecta was designed by Jessica Svendsen and Stefan Thorsteinsson. It is typeset in Josh Finklea’s Post Grotesk and Ludovic Balland’s serif Stanley.

Protein Journal

Vllg incubator postgrotesk protein
Post Grotesk in use in the masthead and throughout Protein Journal

Post Grotesk is used beautifully in Protein journal. At a time when print is supposed to be dying, it’s encouraging to see so many interesting and beautifully produced magazines surfacing and thriving.

Post Grotesk is being used in place of Helvetica, the Journal’s previous typeface of choice

Protein describes itself thusly: ‘Protein is an inspiration platform that keeps you up-to-date on the latest global trends, behaviours and thinking. Through our daily content feeds, engaging events and innovative apps, we continually track how global culture is shaping and defining how we work, live and think.’

The physical journal is published quarterly and is a physical documentation of the strongest content Protein has put forth via social media over the prior three months.

The cleanly gridded design softens nicely on the toothy, uncoated paper stock

Post Grotesk specimen

Post 10
Post Grotesk, by Josh Finklea, is a contemporary version of the traditional grotesk sans-serif

The development of Josh Finklea’s Post Grotesk began in the Spring of 2011 as a project to design a contemporary version of the traditional grotesk sans-serif.

The type specimen for Post Grotesk, designed by Josh Finklea

The intention was to build an amiable typeface with maximum usability and an overall sense of neutrality. Post Grotesk reduces the typical rigidness of a grotesk through subtle additions of personality and uniqueness.

Text settings in Roman showing all four weights: Light, Book, Medium & Bold

Typer / Post Grotesk

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