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Gandur New

Gandur is a display textura in three weights, split into two families: Alte — the German word for old — and New.

Gandur was inspired by other geometric texturas, specially Max Bittrof’s Element (1933). The design began by adhering to a strict hexagonal grid, but during its development, slowly moved from a purely geometric to a more pen-based design. This is especially true in the heaviest weights.

Left: Gandur Alte / Right: Gandur New

The differences between Alte and New are essentially morphological, with reflections in the character set and OpenType features.

Gandur New has a more humanistic, contemporary structure and is more ‘romanized’ then Alte. Gandur New also features small capitals.

Left: Gandur New / Center: Gandur Alte / Right: Gandur Alte with historical long-s

Gandur Alte, on the other hand, remains truer to historical forms, most notably: S s X x Z z. Gandur Alte also features the long-s, which can be accessed via a Stylistic Set or the glyph palette.

Alte (right) is truer to historical forms, most notably S, X, and Z

As is historically accurate, a short-s will be used at the end of words automatically when the historical Stylistic Set has been activated.

Version history

V1.0 — Initial release version; 2014.09

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