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New Release: Blackletra’s Silva Text & Silva DisplayNovember 28, 2015

Reflection on practice: Silva

What happens if one tries to design some Didone letterfoms using a broad-nib pen? This question was the starting point for this project when, in June 2013, I started doing the first sketches of Silva. Unusually, the first two letters were capital letters: N and A. The construction principles behind this typeface subverts traditional calligraphic foundations of the use of the broad-nib pen: we usually hold the pen at 30°, but here the use of this tool was as free as possible, allowing variations of angles where necessary to achieve the desired result.

Read on, and take a look at Silva’s design, features & details here & here

New release: GandurSeptember 4, 2014

Gandur is a display textura in three weights, split into two families: Alte — the German word for old — and New.

Gandur was inspired by other geometric texturas, specially Max Bittrof’s Element (1933). The design began by adhering to a strict hexagonal grid, but during its development, slowly moved from a purely geometric to a more pen-based design. This is especially true in the heaviest weights.

The differences between Alte and New are essentially morphological, with reflections in the character set and OpenType features.

Gandur New has a more humanistic, contemporary structure and is more ‘romanized’ then Alte. Gandur New also features small capitals.

Gandur New / Gandur Alte / Gandur Alte with historical long-s

Visit Gandur New & Alte to read on…

New release: HaltrixFebruary 23, 2014

As a general rule, most script fonts are built upon elements associated with femininity; smooth curves and delicate swashes. As a result, scripts are often associated with feminine products. (One of the ‘great’ non-connecting script fonts is Othmar Motter’s Femina, which is doused in so much perfume there’s not much mistaking it for anything you might find on a baseball uniform.)

Daniel Sabino’s concept for Haltrix was to head in the exact opposite direction of most script fonts, purposefully making a ‘masculine’ script face; the starting point being the designer’s own handwriting. Every decision was made during development to make the letters as aggressive and angular as possible by avoiding curves and emphasizing straight line segments.

Haltrix sits amongst other such scripts as Gabriel Martínez Meave’s Arcana and Roger Excoffon’s marvelous Mistral (as well as Elena Albertoni’s homage, Nouvelle Vague.) The typeface was also influenced by blackletter types, bringing a harder-edged approach than its predecessors.

The typeface is a connected script reliant upon OpenType Contextual Alternate lookups, and with several alternates, swashes, and wide language support.

New foundry: BlackletraFebruary 23, 2014

We are so pleased to announced a new member foundry, Daniel Sabino’s Blackletra.

Blackletra is the workshop of Brazilian type designer Daniel Sabino, currently based in São Paulo. Daniel holds an MA in Advanced Typography by EINA/UAB, Barcelona, and has taught type design at IED/São Paulo. Established in 2012, Blackletra develops custom and retail typefaces, lettering and logotypes. Blackletra’s work has been recognized by the Type Directors Club (USA), Laus (Spain), Morisawa (Japan), Typographica (www), and Tipos Latinos (Latin America).

Typer / Gandur Alte

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