Constellation / Aero


Aero, designed by Chester Jenkins and Jeremy Mickel, takes inspiration from Roger Excoffon’s landmark design Antique Olive, particularly the heavy ‘Nord’ weight.

Instead of revisiting the original, Aero was drawn from memories of Antique Olive: its high-waist and reversed contrast. And that wonderful scooped lowercase i. The result is a contemporary reflection of a 60’s-era classic, with the volume turned up and applied to a wider weight range.

Aero Styles

Aero is available in nine feature-rich weights in Roman and Italic with built-in small caps.

Version History

V1.0—Initial release version; 2011.12


Standard licensing: OTF (CFF-flavored OpenType)
Web font licensing: WOFF & EOT
Dynamic embedding licensing: OTF (CFF-flavored OpenType)
Other formats available upon request.

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