Cindy Sherman Exhibition

'That’s me — That’s not me' premières œuvres 1975-1977, Centre de la photographie Genève, 2012

Exhibition design by B.ü.L.b grafix who wrote: “Mostly black and white with a touch of vintage pop pink lipstick trace, a largescale graphic action. This exhibition of Cindy Sherman’s early works, alongside and resonating with a selection of recent pieces from local collectors features large scale signage typography as well as micro-typography in the accompagning show booklet and flyers. A silk-screened poster calls for attention and visitors on the street with its vibrant colour.”

'That's Me — That's Not Me' exhibition wall text and ticket

This project features Maple, designed by Eric Olson and Arnhem, designed by Fred Smeijers, along with Apex New as secondary type.

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TV One

Team: Jens Hertzum, Matt Goodwin, Jacob Slack, Fraser Tebbutt, Mark Fleming & Roseanne Lee

TVNZ Blacksand/TV ONE, New Zealand’s largest network channel underwent a re-brand featuring Apex New. The redesign was recognized as a finalist in New Zealand’s Best Awards.

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Emily Carr Institute

Woo, Emily Carr Institute student paper, designed by Abi Huynh

This issue of Woo, the Emily Carr Institute student paper was designed Abi Huynh and Ross Milne

Huynh wrote: ‘Woo is the student publication at the Emily Carr Institute of Art, Design and Media. It is funded through the Student’s Union and has a different staff every school year. Based on our proposal our team was chosen to become the editorial board of the paper for the 2006–2007 school year. Each issue of the paper was assembled by a guest editor and guest art director and therefore each has it’s own distinct visual and conceptual direction. One of the first tasks was to define the look and feel of our incarnation of the student paper and subsequently develop a grid system and style guide. The designers for the five issues were: Easton West, Anette K Hansen, Monika Wyndham, Todd Takahashi, Ross Milne, Grace Partridge, Dan Kim and Abi Huynh.

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