Constellation / Galaxie Cassiopeia

Galaxie Cassiopeia

Shake Shack identity

Galaxie Cassiopeia is paired with Christian Schwartz’s Neutraface in the identity programme

Pentagram partner Paula Scher led the identity programme for the Shake Shack.

In a write-up about the project, Fast Company writes: ‘Though the branding was designed for the peculiarities of Shake Shack’s original site, it has managed to scale to franchises placed in more typical storefront locations, and even airports. “I think the modernness of it is somehow perfect in keeping with the quality of the food. It’s a contemporary fast-food chain with a high-level product—as opposed to McDonald’s, which is also modeled after 1950s burger chains but serves downscale food,” Scher says. “In retrospect, if you’d done a million years of focus testing and consumer studies, you wouldn’t do a better job. It shows you the charm of the happenstance.”’

Milkman Organics

An identity program designed by Ed Nacional

A clean identity program with a charming set of illustrations, designed by Ed Nacional.


Running Hot! Science in New Zealand conference Identity

Designer Catherine Griffiths writes: ‘One of the flagship projects by The Oxygen Group was Runninghot!, an annual conference that investigates approaches for an engaged, connected, multidisciplinary, wise science for the future. The first conference, Running Hot! Science in New Zealand was held in 2006. The design package included the visual id, usual stationery items, banners both online and physical, and the conference book.’

Typefaces used: Bryant (Eric Olson, Process Type Foundry); Mrs Eaves (Zuzana Licko, Emigre); Galaxie Cassiopeia (Chester Jenkins, Village)

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