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Galaxie Polaris

The design of Galaxie Polaris was quite literally a labour of love. I created the typeface for my then-fiancée, now-wife Tracy for use in her MFA thesis.

Galaxie was always planned to be a large family of families, all designed to work together. Polaris is the first Galaxie typeface to be completed, with the script Cassiopeia released in 2006, and serif and egyptian faces in the pipeline. Polaris was named for the pole star, and is the reference point for the development of the rest of the families.

Version 3 of Galaxie Polaris was released in September 2008, and includes the addition of the Cyrillic script, small caps, an alternate I, extended fractions, and improvements to many glyphs, particularly in the Heavy weight.

Type is a tool for delivering language; with Polaris, I set out to make a typeface that does this clearly and concisely, with the minimum of fuss.

Version history

V1.0—Initial release version; 2004.08
V2.0—Update: improvements to bold weights & kerning: 2005.04
V3.0—Update: addition of Cyrillic, small caps, minor glyph improvements & glyph set extension: 2008.09
V3.5—Update: addition of capital Eszett, renaming font files: 2013.10

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