Constellation / Radio


Magnus Rakeng, the designer of Radio, writes: ‘I regard my fonts basically as advanced phone-doodling. Most of the characters for my fonts are scribbled down by hand — using a ballpoint pen. Preferably a transparent Bic with black ink — in my sketchbook, or is worked out in my head before I got to sleep, just to define the general shapes. I never scan the sketches, I just use them as guides when I recreate them in Illustrator or Fontographer. Then I draw as many characters as I can in Illustrator just to see how they work together. When I’m pleased with the overall look, I import the files into Fontographer/FontLab. Then I keep tweaking and refining till I get the shapes right.’

Version history

V1.0—Initial release version; 1998.01
V1.5—Update: released in OpenType format: 2009.12

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