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Grotzec More

Grotzec More is a companion to Grotzec Condensed. It includes three new condensed styles of the Grotzec family: Grotzec X-Condensed Bold, Grotzec Narrow Bold and Grotzec X-Narrow Bold. All three styles are also available as single weights.

1st row: Grotzec X-Narrow, 2nd row: Narrow, 3rd row: X-Condensed, Bottom row: Condensed

Grotzec More comes bundled with its ‘older cousin’, Grotzec Condensed Bold. While the proportions of Grotzec Condensed allows its styles to be used at small sizes, the increasingly more condensed styles of Grotzec More are much narrower and are meant to be used at really big sizes.

Version history

V1.0—Initial release version; 2015.10

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