Feliciano / Marcin Antique

Marcin Antique

Marcin Antique Specimen Pages

Two A4-sized printed pages featuring Mário Feliciano’s, Marcin Antique. Printed on Strathmore Premium Wove in black and white ink. Hole punched to fit in an A4 binder.

Feliciano Type Foundry’s first retail release in quite a while has gone through many names and incarnations — the first ones dating back to 2010 — before settling on Marcin Antique. Inspired by late 19th-century French types produced by the Fonderie Gustave Mayeur in Paris, the sans serif family is a fresh interpretation of France’s long tradition of grotesque faces.

The Mayeur Type Foundry, based in Paris, was active from the 1870s through the 1910s, publishing a remarkable collection of magnificent specimens showing intricate ornaments and borders, flamboyant initial capitals, and a wide range of typefaces for text and display use. In designing the Marcin types, we referred to the ‘Antiques’ or grotesques; especially those shown in the later 1894 and 1912 editions of the Spécimen-album de la Fonderie Gve. Mayeur, Allain Guillaume & Cie.

This specimen is available for sale and ships free to clients who license Marcin Antique.

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