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Marcin Antique & Marcin TypewriterOctober 22, 2017

Our first retail release in quite a while has gone through many names and incarnations — the first ones dating back to 2010 — before settling on Marcin Antique. Inspired by late 19th-century French types produced by the Fonderie Gustave Mayeur in Paris, the sans serif family is a fresh interpretation of France’s long tradition of grotesque faces.

The Mayeur Type Foundry, based in Paris, was active from the 1870s through the 1910s, publishing a remarkable collection of magnificent specimens showing intricate ornaments and borders, flamboyant initial capitals, and a wide range of typefaces for text and display use. In designing the Marcin types, we referred to the ‘Antiques’ or grotesques; especially those shown in the later 1894 and 1912 editions of the Spécimen-album de la Fonderie Gve. Mayeur, Allain Guillaume & Cie.

Marcin Typewriter is the monospaced interpretation of Marcin Antique, our contemporary reimagining of French gothic types produced in the late nineteenth century by the Fonderie Gustave Mayeur.

Read on and take a closer look at each Marcin typefamily here:
Marcin Antique
Marcin Typewriter

New release: Grotzec MoreOctober 30, 2015

Grotzec More, designed by Mário Feliciano, is a companion to Grotzec Condensed. It includes three new condensed styles of the Grotzec family: Grotzec X-Condensed Bold, Grotzec Narrow Bold and Grotzec X-Narrow Bold. All three styles are also available as single weights.

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Type Tuesday, FelicianoAugust 2, 2011

Every new issue of Eye since the redesign of Summer 2009 features different ‘guest’ typefaces. Eye 80 employs two contrasting typefaces — Grotzec and Sueca — from Mário Feliciano’s foundry, based in Lisbon, Portugal.

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New Release: Eudald NewsApril 22, 2010

Eudald News, designed by Mário Feliciano, comes out of a larger family of fonts designed in 1998 after the types cut by Eudald Pradell in Spain during the eighteenth century. As denoted by its name, Eudald News is a version adapted specially for newspapers. It was first used by the Portuguese daily newspaper Diário de Noticías in 2006, and now be seen in various publications internationally.

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New Release: Flama supersetApril 28, 2008

One of the maiden releases when Village launched in 2005, and still one of our most popular offerings, the Flama family has been expanded and improved. Mário Feliciano, the great Portuguese designer, has added three additional widths and some extra weights to this eminently useful sans.

The ‘standard’ Flama family now comprises 10 weights from Thin through Black in both roman and italic with all accents needed for setting western and eastern European languages. Also new for 2008 are Semicondensed, Condensed and Ultracondensed widths of Flama.

Typographica on GardaDecember 25, 2005

William Berkson reviews Garda

Garda is a set of three classically proportioned titling caps. The full serif, #1, is as elegant as Trajan, but more genial. The small serif, #2 achieves a new look with straight horizontals and verticals, tapered rounds, and noticeable, but not assertive serifs. The sans, #3, has a fully classical look, but a softer grace than Futura caps. With great elegance and style—and alternative characters and ligatures—the set offers superb alternatives to Trajan, Optima, and Futura for titling.

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Introducing VillageJuly 14, 2005

Village launched on July 14, 2005. The original member foundries were: Feliciano, Darden Studio, KLTF, Lux Typographics, Schwartzco, Type Initiative, Thirstype, Underware & Village (since re-christened Constellation).

Welcome: Feliciano!July 14, 2005

Mário Feliciano joins Village upon our launch.

The Feliciano Type Foundry represents the typographic and type design work of Mário Feliciano who was born in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal in 1969. Studied graphic design at IADE Lisbon until 1993. Just before concluding his studies, he began to work as a graphic designer at Surf Portugal magazine. In 1994 founded his own design studio (Secretonix) working in wide range of design projects. In 2001 creates his own digital type foundry (Feliciano Type Foundry) and began publishing his own type designs and designing custom typefaces. Member of the ATYPI since 1997 and the local organizer of the annual conference in Lisbon (2006), Mário has delivered lectures in several international events. His typefaces range from contemporary display and text fonts to classic interpretations of early Spanish types. His designs include exclusive fonts for Banco Espírito Santo, and for the newspapers: Expresso, El País and Svenska Dagbaldet. His most popular design, Flama is used by The Sunday Times, Politiken, Playboy* and Newsweek among many other publications. Member of AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) since 2009.

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