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Linear Sans

Linear Sans is Milos Mitrovic’s take on 1950’s Swiss modernism. It is a neo-grotesque sans serif that comes in 5 weights in roman & italic. Linear Sans is built upon rigid geometric principles using high contrast and tight apertures but its laid back finish is the key factor to breathe warmth into its personality. The family of fonts is complemented by its variable version with simultaneous control of both weight and slant axes.

Linear Stylistic Set 01: activates schoolbook alternates

Linear Sans is the close cousin of Gradient’s Radial design.

Linear Sans Styles

Linear Sans is available in 5 feature-rich weights in roman and italic with extensive language support including Greek and Cyrillic scripts.

Version History

V1—Initial release; 2019.06


Standard licensing: OTF & TTF
Web font licensing: WOFF, WOFF2 & EOT
Dynamic embedding licensing: OTF & TTF
Other formats available upon request

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