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Village’s home for contemporary releases from young designers. The Incubator aims to help designers develop their typographic voices with gentle guidance from Village’s other members.

The Incubator project was officially launched on Village’s 3-year anniversary, Bastille Day 2008. The first new releases in the Incubator were Jordi Embodas’s ‘Orenga’ — since removed by Jordi — and Jeremy Mickel’s ‘Router’, now available from Jeremy’s own MCKL foundry. Keith Chi-hang Tam’s debut design ‘Arrival’ has been moved into the Incubator, as has Hugo d’Alte’s debut ‘Kaas’.

Hugo d’Alte is Portuguese-born, Dutch-educated, British-collaborating, Finnish-resident designer. The term ‘Pan-European’ was created specifically to describe him. Hugo’s Incubator release is Kaas.

Hanno Bennert is a German type and graphic designer. His Proof typeface was published in July 2015 after many years of incubation and use for the identities of two musea.

Josh Finklea’s interest in design began while growing in Austin, TX. He has worked and studied in Amsterdam and Los Angeles, where he received his BA from Art Center. Josh presently lives and works in New York City. His Incubator release is Post Grotesk.

Saku Heinänen is a Finnish type and graphic deigner specialising in publication design, and the owner of the awesome URL typogra.fi. Saku’s Incubator release is Freya.

Lucas Sharp is a typographic designer and artist living and working in New York City. We released his typeface, Sharp Sans No 1 in the summer of 2013. It has been followed by Ogg and Sharp Sans No 2.

Trine Rask is a Danish designer and a graduate of the KABK’s Type&Media program. We published her set, Rum Serif and Rum Sans in 2012.

Keith Chi-hang Tam is Chinese-Canadian, and is presently teaching at Hong Kong Polytechnic in Hong Kong, China. Arrival was designed as part of his studies at the University of Reading in the UK.

Edgar Walthert is a Swiss designer living and working in the Netherlands, and a graduate of the KABK’s Type&Media program where he designed his Incubator release, Agile.

Typer / Agile

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