Incubator / Freya


Freya is Saku Heinänen’s first type design, but was many years in the making. Saku has worked for many years as an editorial designer, and this experience informed his approach to type design. Freya was intended to be an all-around serif face, useful in many situations, from newspapers and magazines to book text.

The family is clearly a 21st-century product, with its sharp angles and tight curves. The serifs are asymmetrical, which are especially visible at large sizes in the headline weights. The type’s proportions are located somewhere between classical and post-modern, and make for a friendly typeface for extended reading.

Freya Styles

Freya in available in two feature-rich weights in Roman and Italic with built-in small caps.

Version history

V1.0—Initial release version; 2010.05


Standard licensing: OTF (CFF-flavored OpenType)
Web font licensing: WOFF, EOT & SVG
Dynamic embedding licensing: OTF (CFF-flavored OpenType)
Other formats available upon request.

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