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Rum Plakat

Rum Plakat has a single Roman titling style with expressive stylistic alternates. This display cut is an exuberant companion to its predecessors: Rum Sans and Rum Serif.

The stylistic alternates radically alter the character of text when in use

Rum means space in Danish.

Rum Superset

Trine Rask’s Rum is designed inside out, focusing on the counters. The counters are repeated throughout the typeface, which gives a strong text image in small and especially display sizes. It is both very simple and very delicate in detail. Rum Sans and Rum Serif both have large character sets with alternative characters that make it possible to create a more soft and round text image. Rum Sans & Serif each have stylistic alternates with very delicate swashes that work like a discreet period after a word.

The Rum Superset contains 23 styles with stylistic alternates & extensive language support
Version History

V1.0—Initial release version; 2016.05

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