This beautiful three book series, along with related collateral feature Calibre

Inhouse, the Auckland-based consultancy who designed this project writes: ‘Coast, Country, Neighborhood, City stocktakes where Isthmus has come from and, most importantly, highlights the approach and attitude that they wish to take forward. The 25 projects selected illustrate the traits that the practice consider valuable: love of places, commitment to design, the power of ideas and a ‘no boundaries’ approach. The 400+ page hardback is edited by journalist Michael Barrett, features Kris Sowersby’s typeface Calibre throughout and is published by 6pt Press.’

A collection of posters, postcards and letterpress printed invitations were produced to support the launch of Coast. Country. Neighbourhood. City. Isthmus.

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An Exhibition Is a Room With a Plot

Abbott Miller's work is featured in an exhibition at the Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) in Mexico

‘The work of Pentagram’s Abbott Miller is the focus of an exhibition currently on view at the entro Roberto Garza Sada (CRGS), the new art and design center at the Universidad de Monterrey in Mexico.’

Calibre is used throughout the exhibition space and related materials

‘Miller recently created the program of environmental graphics and signage for CRGS, which was designed by the Pritzker Prize-winning architect Tadao Ando and is known as the Gate of Creation. The show coincides with the school’s annual UDESIGN Conference, where Miller was the keynote speaker and led a special workshop for designers. The exhibition remains on view through April 2014, and looks ahead to Miller’s upcoming book, Design and Content, to be released in May 2014. ’

Titled An Exhibition Is a Room with a Plot, the show encompasses Miller’s designs for identities, environments, books, magazines, products and digital media, including recent projects like patterns for Knoll and Formica, and iPad apps for 2wice. The exhibition is presented in two of the CRGS Galleries, glass-fronted cubes located just inside the massive void at the heart of Ando’s building.

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Mikkeller + Bedow

Calibre in use for the Mikkeller Pale Spring Ale label by Bedow in Stockholm, Sweden

A collaboration with Danish brewery Mikkeller and design firm Bedow in Stockholm, Sweden. Calibre in use for a series of limited edition beers for Mikkeller. This Pale Spring Ale is the first in a series of four seasonal beers released during 2012. The label is printed with a heat sensitive color — when the label gets warm the snowflake turns into a sun. Limited to 3,500 bottles per series.

See their other seasonal limited editions: summer, autumn & winter. You can see a video showing the heat-sensitive label transformation here.

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7-Eleven / Press­byrån

Calibre in use in a prepared foods packaging programme designed by Swedish firm BVD

Swedish design firm BVD, the designers of this packaging system write, ‘More and more we choose a quick sand­wich, wrap or salad for lunch. But if you are in a hurry, it can be dif­fi­cult to see what is hid­den in the pack­ag­ing and tricky to find what you are look­ing for. Is the food fresh? Is it healthy? With new pack­ag­ing 7-Eleven and Press­byrån in Swe­den want to enhance their fast food range.’

A beautifully simple language-based/typographic solution
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Graphic Design Now in Production

The single largest exhibition of contemporary graphic design in the US in over 15 years

Project Projects chose Calibre for this exciting project. The studio writes: ‘Co-organized by Andrew Blauvelt of the Walker Art Center and Ellen Lupton of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Graphic Design—Now in Production is the single largest exhibition of contemporary graphic design to take place in the United States in over 15 years. The show surveys critical highlights from the past decade to signify the expanding role of graphic designers: as editors, authors, curators, publishers, and shapers of content, whose works often frame the process and discipline itself as a tool for production, reflexivity, and praxis.’

Interior views of the exhibition on Governor’s Island

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Qualcomm Toq

The new Qualcomm identity for the Toq smart watch uses a customised Calibre

The Toq smart watch from Qualcomm uses a customised version of Calibre in both its identity and its interface.

A customised version of Klim’s Calibre is built-in to the interface of the smart watch
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Frame magazine

Calibre in use for Frame magazine

Designer Mariëlle van Genderen writes: ‘Recently, Frame magazine, a bi-monthly publication on contemporary interior design and products, was given a complete redesign — from the cover, the interior and the font selection. Together with Cathelijn Kruunenberg and Adriaan Mellegers, a new flexible typographical identity was created. The transformation centred around two main details: a limited number of typefaces (Calibre and Chronicle Condensed) and a set of simple rules to differentiate the different sections. The only other graphical interventions are the change in color palette per issue — from the cover to the text, and the overlapping arrangement of text and images.’

interior spreads from various issues of Frame
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Anne Tyng: Inhabiting Geometry

Calibre in use for ‘Anne Tyng: Inhabiting Geometry’ by Project Projects in New York

The designers of this gorgeous catalogue, Project Projects write: Anne Tyng: Inhabiting Geometry presents the sculptural works of the visionary architect, theorist, and pioneer of habitable space-frame architecture. After working closely with Louis Kahn and influencing many of his major works, Tyng went on to independently conduct a life-long study of advanced geometry, mathematical forms, and their application to built forms in a range of scales. The 2011 exhibition, presented at the Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia and Graham Foundation in Chicago, featured room-size models of five platonic solids created in collaboration with architect Srdjan Weiss. Project Projects designed a catalogue with documentation from both installations, in addition to supplementary materials, including drawings, plans, models, and an illustrated timeline of Tyng’s significant life and work.

Interior pages from the Anne Tyne catalogue

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Vine iOS app

Calibre in use for Twitter’s Vine iOS app

Calibre is the main typeface for Twitter’s Vine iOS software — a social media app that enables its users to create and post short video clips (up to seven seconds long) which they can post and share.

Screens from the Vine iOS app user interface

The iPhone mock-ups come courtesy of The Responsinator.

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Poziom 511

Calibre in use for Poziom 511 by Jarek Kowalczyk in Wrocław, Poland

Calibre in use for Poziom 511 by Jarek Kowalczyk in Wrocław, Poland. Poziom 511 Design Hotel & Spa is a hotel located in the heart of Polish Jurrasic Highland. As a name suggests is a high quality place. In an exceptional space shaped by design and the desire to bring together open, curious people and creative personalities. The hotel promotes various forms of artistic expression, from music, painting and graphical art to industrial design and fashion design.

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Klim Type Specimen No. 2 & 3

One of a pair of specimens marking the launch of Metric & Calibre

One of a pair of specimens for Metric & Calibre, designed by The International Office in Wellington, New Zealand. 130 × 67mm, printed in black on various stocks. No longer available, sorry.

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