Meanwhile identity

Feijoa used for the Meanwhile identity by Maud in Sydney, Australia

The project’s designers, Maud, write: ‘Meanwhile is a new menswear boutique located in the exclusive Kings Cross Hills of Sydney. Stocking the finest Australian labels alongside such international greats as Dries Van Noten, Whyred and Dana Lee, Meanwhile is a most welcome addition to Sydney retail in general, menswear specifically.

The identity uses only inked hand stamps combining cost-effectiveness with craftsmanship

‘We created an identity using only inked hand stamps, making it cost effective and low maintenance, whilst still retaining the considered craftsmanship that Meanwhile represents. The Brandmark itself is the joining of an M and a W forming one icon that alludes to a tailors stitch.’

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New York Times

Feijoa in use for a New York Times op-ed by Nicholas Felton in New York, USA

Feijoa in use for a New York Times op-ed, designed by Nicholas Felton. The sans-serif is Gotham by Hoefler & Frere-Jones.

Details from Nicholas Felton's New York Times op-ed
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