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Founders Grotesk

Black Suburbia: from Levittown to Ferguson


Black Suburbia: From Levittown to Ferguson is an exhibition presented by The New York Public Library’s Shomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, one of the leading institutions focusing exclusively on African-American, African Diaspora, and African experiences. The exhibition examines the complex narrative of the African-American suburb from the 20th century to today, looking to communities such as Hempstead, NY, Ferguson, MO, and Shaker Heights, OH, as case studies for a contradictory yet hopeful dream. Pentagram’s Eddie Opara and team designed exhibition graphics and print materials for Black Suburbia which address the unique triumphs and challenges of the black suburban struggle.


Developed in collaboration with the National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University, Black Suburbia, tackles issues such as suburban segregation, institutional discrimination, and residential racism in black communities from the late 1800s to current day. Opara wanted to stress the severity of these issues in the exhibition’s logo, which sets type within an upside-down American flag. The application references the United States Flag Code, which states that the flag “should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.” The red stripes of the flag are echoed throughout the titling of the exhibition.

The exhibition design combines A2–Type’s Outsiders & Typewriter with Klim’s Founders Grotesk.

Miles Calder

Founders Grotesk in use on New Zealand Folk Balladeer, Miles Calder’s, website

NYC Beaches

NYC beach restoration project, post hurricane Sandy

Pentagram teams up with NYC to be an integral part of the rebuilding and rebranding of NYC’s beaches post Hurricane Sandy.

From Pentagram’s new work feed: ‘When Hurricane Sandy hit New York last October, the city’s 14 miles of beaches took the brunt of the storm, with boardwalk structures destroyed and millions of tons of sand displaced. Following an extraordinary effort by the Mayor’s Office, the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, and the NYC Department of Design and Construction, the city’s eight public swimming beaches were reopened on Memorial Day, only seven months after being devastated by the storm.’

Pentagram's NYC beach signage program

‘As part of the restoration, Pentagram’s Paula Scher has created a program of signage and environmental graphics that welcome New Yorkers back to their beaches.’

Rockaway Beach, one of the most badly damaged sites, after the reconstruction

‘Scher wanted the signage to help create a sense of place and capture the charm and the romance of the beach. In shorefront neighborhoods like the Rockaways, beaches are the front yards and a point of pride for the community. The new beach identification signs each feature a photograph of the beach taken at the exact spot where the sign is located. The images face the street, and remind residents and visitors that whatever Sandy took away, the beauty of the beach remains.’


The elegant and clever logo uses Founders Grotesk beautifully

Zebra created the visual identity for Singapore based company Affinity who specialise in community engagement programmes. Affinity apply brand thinking through pro bono work that aims to help seed positive behaviour. A good example of this is their work with the Singapore Girls’ Home.

The two letter f’s within the logotype face each other to visually represent the affinity between two separate partners coming together to achieve a greater good collaboratively.’

Stable identity

Founders Grotesk in use for the Stable identity by Creature

Founders Grotesk in use for the Stable identity, designed by Creature who write: ‘Stable is a residential property management company. A start-up, Stable were looking to enter the market aggressively and to take on the incumbent big boys.’

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