Klim / Financier Display

Gabrielle Semillon Domaine Sans Display

Vllg klim domaine gabrielle
Domaine Sans Display in use on this elegant label by Cornershop Design

Australian firm Cornershop is behind this elegant design, they quote Coco Chanel while describing their work for Gabrielle. ‘Fashion changes – style endures. A new brand created for Teusner Wines inspired by Gabrielle Bonheur ‘Coco’ Chanel.

New York Magazine / Spring 2014 Domaine Sans Text

Vllg klim domainesans 3
A sampling of spreads from the spring 2014 fashion issue

New York Magazine used a pre-release version of Domaine Sans in their Spring 2014 Fashion special issue.

Financier Type Specimen Financier Display

Vllg financier specimen 1

A series of three posters designed by the Alt Group in Auckland, New Zealand. Each poster is two-color (FT’s famous salmon pink and black). They measure 600 × 950mm flat.

The Queen’s House Founders Grotesk Mono

Vllg klim fgm queenshouse 1
QK–RM used Pitch & Founders Grotesk Mono in their programme for the Queen’s House

London-based design firm, QK-RM designed the environmental graphics programme for the Queen’s House. They write: ‘Commissioned in 1616, the Queen’s House is one of the most important buildings in British architectural history, being the first consciously classical building to have been constructed in Britain. It was Inigo Jones’s first major commission after returning from his 1613–1615 grand tour of Roman, Renaissance and Palladian architecture in Italy. The building reflects Renaissance ideals of mathematical, classical proportion and harmony which would have appeared revolutionary to English eyes in its day.’

The design programme uses Pitch and Founders Grotesk Mono with with great sensitivity

QK-RM writes: ‘We were commissioned at the start of a two year master plan to review a new environmental graphics and way-finding scheme. The first step was to remove the myriad of municipal design languages that have crept in to the building in recent years. The new design idea carefully observes the historical legacy of the house whilst acknowledging the contemporary context within which it exists.’

New York Magazine / Spring 2014 Domaine Sans Fine

Vllg klim domainesans 2
A sampling of spreads from the spring 2014 fashion issue

New York Magazine used a pre-release version of Domaine Sans in their Spring 2014 Fashion special issue.

Seabrook Wine Domaine Display

Vllg klim domaine seabrook
Domaine Text and Display are put to beautiful use on this wine label by Cornershop design

Cornershop, an Australian firm, designed this beautiful label for Seabrook wines, an Australian, family-owned vintner. They’ve used Klim’s Domaine Text and Domaine Display, giving the label a lovely typographic balance that is both delicate and bold.

IL Magazine Founders Grotesk Text

Vllg klim il fgt
Kris Sowersby developed Founders Grotesk text for IL Magazine

Kris Sowersby writes: ‘I think Francesco Franchi is making some of the best infographic and editorial design today. To have such an array of my typefaces used for his masterful redesign of IL magazine is an absolute honour. The redesign started with Nº 34, using the entire Tiempos and Founders Grotesk families. It featured a couple of lovely logotypes by Christian Schwartz and his unreleased sans Graphik XXX Condensed. By issue Nº 38, it became clear that Founders Grotesk wasn’t working very well for text sizes, so I made Founders Grotesk Text. From issue Nº 44, Commercial Type’s Atlas Grotesk Typewriter was starting to be used, and issues, Nº 47 & 48 are using my Domaine Display — in one of the first public outings.’

Meanwhile identity Feijoa

Vllg klim feijoa meanwhile
Feijoa used for the Meanwhile identity by Maud in Sydney, Australia

The project’s designers, Maud, write: ‘Meanwhile is a new menswear boutique located in the exclusive Kings Cross Hills of Sydney. Stocking the finest Australian labels alongside such international greats as Dries Van Noten, Whyred and Dana Lee, Meanwhile is a most welcome addition to Sydney retail in general, menswear specifically.

The identity uses only inked hand stamps combining cost-effectiveness with craftsmanship

‘We created an identity using only inked hand stamps, making it cost effective and low maintenance, whilst still retaining the considered craftsmanship that Meanwhile represents. The Brandmark itself is the joining of an M and a W forming one icon that alludes to a tailors stitch.’

Little Bird identity Newzald

Vllg klim newzald littlebird main
Newzald in use for the Little Bird identity by Parallax Design
A curly bracket, or brace, is used as the logo, alluding to an open book & a bird in flight

The project’s designers, Australian design firm Parallax, write: ‘Little Bird is a public relations and communications business. A curly bracket, or brace, is used as the logo. The visual form alluding to an open book and a bird in flight. The stationery features quotes connecting Little Bird to the outcome of a successful PR campaign.’

A detail of the business cards which are beautifully letterpressed with a deep impression

Archives des gravés National

Vllg klim national avonk archives 2
National in use for Archives de gravés by Alain Vonck

French art director and designer Alain Vonck used National beautifully in this project. He writes: ‘There is a paradox. Personal data are omnipresent on the web, but at the same time invisible, stored in an immaterial place, making it hard to know their imprint on the web and their importance to us. They seem to disappear once the form in completed, unimportant and ephemeral… Yet, they pile up in databases, they are archived, analyzed… How come these data have such an impact, such perennial value for our physical and virtual identities?’

Typer / Calibre

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