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Archives des gravés

National in use for Archives de gravés by Alain Vonck

French art director and designer Alain Vonck used National beautifully in this project. He writes: ‘There is a paradox. Personal data are omnipresent on the web, but at the same time invisible, stored in an immaterial place, making it hard to know their imprint on the web and their importance to us. They seem to disappear once the form in completed, unimportant and ephemeral… Yet, they pile up in databases, they are archived, analyzed… How come these data have such an impact, such perennial value for our physical and virtual identities?’

Five Houses, Ten Details

National in use in Five Houses, Ten Details, designed by Project Projects

Project Projects designed this strong, compact book documenting the author’s six-year process of creating his own house. They write: ‘Edward R. Ford’s Five Houses, Ten Details relates the author’s deep exploration of architectural detail though the six-year design and construction of his own house.’

National is in use in the title, headers and chapter openings

New Zealand Fashion Design

National in use for the award-winning New Zealand Fashion Design book by Spencer Levine

National in use for the award-winning New Zealand Fashion Design book. Designed by Spencer Levine

Several spreads from New Zealand Fashion Design

New Zealand Fashion Design — written by Angela Lassig and published by Te Papa Press — celebrates New Zealand’s top 25 contemporary fashion designers.

A Typographic Anatomy Lesson

A letterpressed poster produced by Ligature, Loop & Stem

Ligature, Loop & Stem write: ‘Think you know your typographic anatomy? Can you tell a dot from a tittle or an aperture from an ascender at seventy-two points?’

The details in the print are all the more beautiful with their deep letterpressed impression

‘Typographers refer to elements of a letterform using a variety of terms that align naturally to architecture or the human body – eye, ear, foot, arm, lobe, leg – and we’ve captured many of them in this modernist-style limited edition print.’

The print was designed by Scott Boms and Grant Hutchinson.

The Judith Rothschild Collection

The Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection box-set

This is one of those rare and supremely satisfying instances when a catalogue housing remarkable body of artwork becomes a singularly beautiful and important object in its own right.

Caption goes here

The designers, New York city firm Project Projects write: ‘The Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings collection, acquired by MoMA in 2005, is a collection of over 2,500 works on paper. Project Projects designed the catalogue for Compass in Hand, an exhibition of over 300 of these works, in addition to a catalogue raisonné for the entire collection. Grouped together in a slipcase, the two volumes are also available separately.

Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

National & Newzald in use for this identity system by Project Projects

Project Projects writes: ‘Since 2009, we have worked with Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates to develop an array of materials for the firm’s branding and communication efforts, including printed materials, publication formats, environmental graphics, a new website, and more.

National is used for the firm’s logotype and Newzald is used for all secondary text

‘The stationery system functions in multiple states, with a range of colors to connote the firm’s diversity of approach and sensitivity to context.’

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