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Tiempos Headline


Tiempos Headline in the identity programme for Art Fad: Contemporary Art & Craft Awards

Barcelona design firm Hey Studio created this whimsical and beautifully graphic identity programme for ArtFad: the Contemporary Art & Craft Awards in Barcelona.

Hey writes: ‘Graphic Identity for ArtFad: Contemporary Art and Craft Awards. The letter A is made by paper, sticking one by one. The studio made 500 handicraft invitations, the only machinery process was the text printing. As a result, each invitation turned out in a different colour and we obtained unique and non-serial pieces.’

Hey Studio also designed the ArtFad 2013 Diplomas for the Contemporary Art & Craft Awards. They used transparent and fluorescent methacrylate with a laser cut that creates letter an abstract letter A.

A transparent and fluorescent methacrylate graphic diploma with a laser cut ‘A’


Tiempos in use by Ferroconcrete in their identity + packaging programme for Commodity

New fragrance company Commodity partnered with Ferroconcrete to develop, package, brand & market their innovative fragrance line.

The name of each ‘Commodity’ or scent is highlighted beautifully in Tiempos Headline

Commodity writes: ‘The problem is you can’t smell what you see online, so the biggest challenge was to design the service itself. We came up with the idea for an online service that lets people live with multiple scents in their daily lives. It made finding a great fragrance easy by letting you discover scents based on your own style, sample them in the comfort of your own home, and then have your choices delivered to your doorstep. We named the brand Commodity to bring a sense of honesty back to the industry. Each scent is simply named after a real commodity or an abstract one.’

In addition to Tiempos Headline, the identity programme for Commodity uses Alternate Gothic & a customised Novocento Sans.

Advertising Age

Tiempos Text & Headline in use on Adage.com

Tiempos Text & Headline have been put to beautiful use on Advertising Age, they’re paired with Helvetica. We would love to see typographer’s quotes in use, however, rather than defaulting to primes and double primes.

We spotted this on Typewolf.

Airlie Bank wine

Tiempos Headline & National in use for the Airlie Bank rebrand by Hexagon

Hexagon used Tiempos Headline and National for this rebranding project and they extended the ascenders on Tiempos as a typographical flourish.

They write: ‘Hexagon was approached to rebrand Airlie Bank for Punt Road Wines. The brief was to create an elegant, memorable label, that had the ability to tell its story. Airlie Bank can be found on the Yarra River. The use of a beautifully graphic dragonfly was created to inject a youthfulness to the Airlie Bank brand. The wines are fresh and lively, just like the dragonfly that adorns each label.’

Rich Brilliant Willing identity

Tiempos in use for the ‘Rich Brilliant Willing’ identity by Project Projects

Here is the always excellent Project Projects on this project: ‘Rich Brilliant Willing is a contemporary furniture and lighting design studio based in downtown Manhattan. Their irreverent name — derived from the surnames of partners Theo Richardson, Charles Brill, and Alexander Williams — contrasts with a refined design sensibility, mixing a distinct approach to form, color, and materials with an active exploration of historical design tropes. The new logotype and identity expresses the centrality of the studio’s tripartite structure — the monogram both segments and integrates the founders’ initials, while a single, shared business card design is printed in three bright colors.’

Everlasting Feast

Tiempos & National in use for Everlasting Feast by Kate Barraclough

Tiempos Headline and National are put to excellent use in this beautiful cookbook designed by Kate Barraclough.

A few spreads from the gorgeous pages of ‘Everlasting Feast’

UBC Symposium

A fold-out symposium poster & program designed by Post Projects

In the winter of 2011, The UBC Art History and Visual Arts department asked Post Projects to produce a poster and program for their 30th annual graduate symposium. Post Projects combined these two items into a single piece that when folded, functioned as a program for the conference.

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