Tiempos Text and Headline make up the identity for this Bavarian coffee company

Stefan Hoppe designed the identity programme for The Bavarian Roasting Company, a small manufacturer of premium coffee. He writes: ‘Baroco started with just three coffees because they think it’s better to create less, but do it perfectly. They not only offer an exceptional coffee experience to other businesses, but also to customers at their local café, located in the very center of their medieval hometown Amberg, where they are known as Café Baroco.’

‘We wanted to capture their philosophy but also play with their catchy nickname. We developed a dual system consisting of a long and a short version of their nickname. The two versions are connected by the same typeface but also, and more importantly, by three dots, one for each of the three coffees they started with. In the long version, the dots abbreviate the full company name, making the origin of the nickname obvious. In the short version, they transform into ellipses, stating: we started small, but there is a lot more to come.’

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WeThink identity

Tiempos Text in use for We Think by Holt

A strong and beautifully simple use of Tiempos Text by Holt for We Think.

Two typographic examples from the ‘WeThink identity’ programme

Holt writes: ‘Simone Bartley is a highly respected figure in the Australian advertising industry, having been CEO and on the Worldwide board of Saatchi & Saatchi, among other senior appointments. With the launch of her own strategic agency, Bartley required a brand and identity which would stand up against the calibre to her CV. Holt devised the company name WeThink, a reference to her business manifesto of working collectively for a new world and the identity utilised a contemporary, “modern classic” typeface which speaks to her forward looking outlook, yet has a timelessness.’

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