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Gustan Display

Gustan is an orderly type family for a wide range of applications. During the design process, all idiosyncratic decisions were informed by ideas around structure and utility. The fact that certain character combinations align in a particular way is more about bringing order and harmony to the word as opposed to a ‘stylistic’ trait.

Further, Gustan’s openness is a response to the requirements for smaller settings as opposed to the desire to achieve a ‘modern’ tone. Focusing on these functional concerns frees up Gustan as much as it defines, making it flexible and expressive in application to a designer’s desire.

The fonts within the Gustan Display Suite are an extension of the original Gustan Family. They work alone, as a suite or with the original Gustan family.

The Ultrablack Gustan Densa follows as the next step in the natural weight progression of the original family with OpenType features that aid in even-colored settings as well as alternates for increased dynamism.

Gustan Forma has OpenType features that create a ‘nesting’ effect, allowing characters to scale and position to accommodate their contextual situation. Gustan Signa’s stylistic end brackets coupled with regular text settings lend itself to making signs, badges and motifs the mind sets to it. Paired with the original family, the Signa fonts add another dimension of consideration to Gustan.

Gustan Styles
Version History

V18.010—Initial release; 2018.01


Standard licensing: OTF & TTF
Web font licensing: WOFF, WOFF2 & EOT
Dynamic embedding licensing: OTF & TTF
Other formats available upon request

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