Specimen sheets

Cahuenga, designed by Greg Lindy of LuxTypo, embodies clarity in text and distinction in display. Throughout the development process, references were sought out only as moments for consideration presented themselves. Thus, the development was long and complex with Cahuenga not prescribing to a single distinctive model as a foundation.

See Cahuenga specimen sheets here

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Typographics 2018

Our contribution to the 2018 Typographics goody bag

This year we decided to typeset and letterpress print the introduction from the United States Declaration of Independence as our contribution to the Typographics 2018 goody bag.

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Flormat #2

This second issue of Flormat: West Pico Blvd., featuring Fabriga throughout, celebrates the businesses that lie on this quarter mile stretch between Crenshaw on its east and Rimpau on its west. These shops are humbly owned and operated — rarely noticeable when a thoroughfare like Pico is traveled to get from one point to another. This issue is a megaphone of sorts, amplifying the genuine richness of this neighborhood provided through its collection of businesses.

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Section in use in a master’s degree project by Stefano Joker Lionetti

Stefano Joker Lionetti’s Master’s Degree project: ‘research and visual identity about type design promotion in Italy. Who cares about type design?’ More info at lazydog.it.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy book
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Syfy identity

A modified version of Crank 8, photography by Stephen Wells

Proud Creative, the designers behind the Syfy rebrand, write: The brief asked for an ownable and distinguishable brand identity; retaining the positive associations from the genre of science fiction, whilst appealing to a broader audience and embracing the benefits of imagination. Created in collaboration with ManvsMachine.

The logo and secondary type are a customised verion of Crank 8

Proud Creative collaborated with Chester Jenkins of Constellation to customise Crank 8, keeping its distinctive aesthetic personality intact, but modifying certain details to make Syfy’s cut theirs alone.

The logotype is creatively animated in television bumper graphics

Michael Engleman, Vice President, Creative, Syfy, writes: ‘Proud Creative’s numerous contributions to the Syfy brand evolution included a wide array of keen creative insights. The diverse experience of their gifted team of professionals played an indispensable role in our success.’

The logo is animated and takes on sub-categories set in Crank 8 as secondary type
Crank 8 as secondary type gets animated on its own in heroic 3-D letterforms
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Melgarejo Premium olive oil

Bronze Packaging Design / Los Angeles international extra virgin olive oil competition 2013

RSC, the studio behind the branding for Melgarejo premium olive oil writes: ‘Melgarejo is a well-known brand for the excellence of their Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The image of the Premium selection is based on neatness and simplicity.’

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Section specimen

a comprehensive overview on the font family Section by Greg Lindy

Section Lux Typographics is a comprehensive overview on the font family Section. The booklet features ample displays of the entire family and insight into the design process that touches on the typographical and conceptual influences. Sold out, sorry.

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Children’s Hospital of California

CHOC campaign and book design (detail) by Greg Lindy while at Intersection Studio

Colette in use in, I am For Children, a capital campaign for The Children’s Hopsital of California. Colette was developed for this project — its formal softness enhances its subject matter, while its structure maintains clarity of message.

Colette was developed for the Children’s Hospital of California

Intersection studio writes: ‘Forty-five years into its life, CHOC Children’s (aka Children’s Hospital of Orange County) finds itself at a tipping point — experiencing hypergrowth (a good thing) yet short on beds and doctors (a challenge). At stake is the strategic transformation of the hospital and its ability to care for two million children that live within its market footprint. The CHOC Foundation turned to Intersection Studio to create a fundraising story substantial enough to raise the consciousness of citizen-leaders and attract philanthropic gifts.’

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Environment identity

Crank 8 in use in ‘Organica’ a Brand Publication and catalog for Environment

Founded by designer Thomas Bina, Environment set out to create furniture based on three principles: sustainable materials; environmentally responsible processes; and aesthetically sophisticated design.

Crank 8 in use across a range of physical locations for the Environment identity

From 2002 to 2008, Intersection Studio re-branded the company with a new identity and the creation of Environment’s publication Organica. In his capacity as Design Director of Intersection Studio, Greg Lindy oversaw the creation of Environment’s new visual identity and, in collaboration with Penny Guyon of Firefly Media, launched Organica.

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Intersection Studio

Section in use on Intersection Studio’s website

Section was designed specifically as the identity font for Intersection Studio, a multidisciplinary design firm in Los Angeles. As the key element in establishing the firm’s brand, Section is a flexible, distinctive and legible font family. Its clarity allows for a wide range of applications including text as well as display. With subtle references, the Section aesthetic complements and enhances, making it a font as much about utility as form.

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