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Section in use in a master’s degree project by Stefano Joker Lionetti

Stefano Joker Lionetti’s Master’s Degree project: ‘research and visual identity about type design promotion in Italy. Who cares about type design?’ More info at lazydog.it.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy book

Section specimen

a comprehensive overview on the font family Section by Greg Lindy

Section Lux Typographics is a comprehensive overview on the font family Section. The booklet features ample displays of the entire family and insight into the design process that touches on the typographical and conceptual influences. Sold out, sorry.

Intersection Studio

Section in use on Intersection Studio’s website

Section was designed specifically as the identity font for Intersection Studio, a multidisciplinary design firm in Los Angeles. As the key element in establishing the firm’s brand, Section is a flexible, distinctive and legible font family. Its clarity allows for a wide range of applications including text as well as display. With subtle references, the Section aesthetic complements and enhances, making it a font as much about utility as form.

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