MCKL / Shift


Shift is inspired by American slab-serifs from the late 19th century. In its lighter weights, it takes on the personality of a typewriter face, with flared terminals and prominent serifs. In the heavier weights, it acts as a titling Egyptian, with thin spaces between characters and small counters. Designed as a display face, it also works well for text.

Winner of the Certificate of Excellence in Typeface Design, TDC2 2011.

Shift Styles

Shift is available in six feature-rich weights in Roman and Italic.

Version History

V1.01—Initial release version; 2012.01


Standard licensing: OTF (CFF-flavored OpenType)
Web font licensing: WOFF, EOT & SVG
Dynamic embedding licensing: OTF (CFF-flavored OpenType)
Other formats available upon request.

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