Christchurch Arts Festival

Shift is used as a text and display typeface in the identity programme for the CAF

Newzald firm, imagic, designed the identity programme for the Christchurch Arts Festival with Shift in use as a text and display typeface across the all identity materials.

imagic writes: ‘The story they wanted to tell was one of “shifting the lens” to the people in the audience. Showing how art shifts you as a viewer. We did a city-wide search for four faces that embodied our citizenry and their different backgrounds. With the help of award-winning photographer, Dean McKenzie, we captured their essential selves, then we shifted them by playing with the lens.’

Shift is used at both display and text sizes on the CAF website

‘Partnering with the Christchurch Arts Festival has been an opportunity for us to create brand work that is challenging and provocative. Like a piece of art should be. This iteration of the CAF brand is thematically underpinned by the word “shift”. The idea being, we are exploring how Christchurch has shifted as a culture in the past years, and also how art can shift a person, emotionally.’