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Travel & Leisure magazine

Superior Text & Title in use Pentagram’s redesign of Travel & Leisure magazine

Pentagram writes: Travel + Leisure is one of the world’s top travel magazines, inspiring a readership of over 5 million with a unique, lively mix of travelogue and useful information. Published by American Express, the magazine is recognized for its stylish photography and smart writing. Pentagram’s Luke Hayman and team have redesigned Travel + Leisure with a dynamic new format that matches the magazine’s chic, sophisticated tone. The redesign launches with the June issue, on newsstands now.

‘The refresh introduces a clean, modern design that clearly delineates sections and opens up page layouts. Most significantly, the redesign restructures the magazine, moving the editorial well forward for greater prominence. Feature stories now run in full without interruption — no more flipping to the back of the — and are separated by advertising, which has been introduced to the middle of the book. This allows the magazine to offer advertisers adjacencies to the larger feature stories. The structure also more easily accommodates the magazine’s special packages, like June’s It List.


Superior Title in use on the hangtags, advertising, & website for this denim brand

3sixteen writes: ‘What we make is who we are. ‘Our focus on lasting construction and attention to detail comes from a desire to make purposeful garments that become a part of your life.’

Superior Title in use
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