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The ABCs of A2: An Interview with Henrik KubelMarch 16, 2012

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Martin Salazar had the opportunity to meet Henrik Kubel at a Type Director’s Club event in 2011, and has been an avid follower of A2’s work ever since. Salazar, a designer at ESPN The Magazine, recently caught up with the A2 founder to talk fonts…

Q: Why did you decide to start up a type foundry within your design studio?

We have developed type for all of our clients since we founded our design studio A2/SW/HK in 2000. Part of our philosophy is to design a new font for each job we take on. We decided to start releasing our fonts commercially in 2009 after seeing the commercial success of our font New Rail Alphabet, which I developed in collaboration with Margaret Calvert, another reason is that we have had an increasing interest from other designers and agencies to use our fonts.