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Wallpaper*s Handmade issueAugust 1, 2012

Vllg a2type wallpaper

Henrik Kubel participated in Wallpaper magazine’s Handmade issue

Thousands of you stepped in to play art director on our 2010 and 2011 Handmade issues. And a very good job you made of it too, using specially tailored online software to create unique covers to be printed and posted (magazine included) to your door.

This year, for Handmade 2012, the hard work was done for you. We asked our graphic designer and illustrator friends—dozens of them, in fact—to design a series of covers for the August issue. But we didn’t just want to include our own choices. Calling out to the Twittersphere, we invited your creative direction too, asking you to name your preferred cover star and tweet them a brief.

The result is a grand edit of 30 works of art, created with you in mind by the likes of Alan Kitching, Quentin Jones, Anthony Burrill, Tom Hingston, Rob Ryan and James Joyce.