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Aperture relaunchFebruary 13, 2013

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Emily Lessard, art director of The Aperture Foundation writes: ‘The Aperture Foundation has been at the center of photography for decades. We gave it a facelift in honor of its 60th anniversary. The brand was completely rebuilt: new logo, identity system, ephemera, and website.’

Jeremy Mickel faithfully reconstructed the logo from early issues of the magazine
Reconstructing the Aperture logotype

Jeremy Mickel writes: ‘I worked with Aperture (the photography foundation, exhibition space, and magazine) to redraw their original logo. None of the existing Futuras were a good match, so I did a faithful reconstruction of the logo from an early issue.’

Reviving ‘Aperture’ magazine

In Februrary 2013, Aperture magazine relaunched with a stunning redesign by Village members Henrik Kubel & Scott Williams through the graphic design arm of their firm A2/SW/HK who collaborated with art director Emily Lessard to restore Aperture to its former glory. The resulting magazine, with its newly oversized pages, glossy objectness and all around gorgeous type (the magazine features Regular and a forthcoming A2-Type serif release) + image is stunning. On the redesign, the Editor writes, continue to assert itself as an object, through its tactile presence, dynamic typography, and high-quality reproductions — all housed in an elegant design geared toward both reading and viewing.”

A sampling from A2/SW/HK’s classically beautiful and boldly-hewn redesign