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Beatrice & Beatrice Display Specimen FolioSeptember 21, 2018

Beatrice, designed by Lucas Sharp, is a new kind of typeface. The family is an exploration of contrast methodologies, combining various aspects from the canon expansionist systems, inverted contrast, and the contrast behavior of standard sans-serif grotesks. These methodologies were dissected and used as cornerstones in building our own system, with the final result landing largely in unexplored territory. Built on the foundation of a traditional American Gothic but with tight-as-can-be spacing, the superfamily spans a robust set of weights and includes 2 optical sizes: a super high-contrast, tightly packed Display cut, as well as a standard low-contrast cut, designed to function beautifully in a wide range of optical sizes.

Two A4-sized printed pages featuring Beatrice & Beatrice designed by Lucas Sharp with Connor Davenport. Printed in black and white inks on Mohawk Keaykolour in Coral. Hole punched to fit in an A4 binder.

Beatrice Display
Beatrice Specimen Sheets