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New Type: OhmDecember 28, 2009

The funny thing about Ohm is that I never intended to draw a faux-neon typeface — it just kind of happened. It all started with an old, busted sign in the window of an abandoned meat market.

I walked by this sign a few times a week over the course of a year and the letterforms fascinated me. Around the same time I needed a logo for LetterSetter. One thing led to another and I made a some faux-neon lettering in the style of the letters on the sign. It turned out pretty well and it was a ton of fun to draw.

From that point on, it became a parlor game. I’d wonder, ‘What would an X look like?’ So, I’d open the file, spend a little while drawing an X, close the file and move on to more pressing matters. I’d often mention this game to friends and show them what I had drawn. This turned into a series of dares along the lines of, ‘That’s cool, but you are never going to be able to make a ¢ work.’ So, naturally, I’d open up the file, draw the ¢ and get back to my real work. Occasionally I issued challenges to myself like, What would a lighter version look like? and I’d start a new file.

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