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New Type: Stag SansOctober 15, 2007

Looking back at the process that lead to Stag, I can see that Stag Sans was inevitable. Esquire had a lot of trouble finding a sans to complement Stag and the rest of their type palette. All of the sans serifs they tried had overly long ascenders and descenders, making it difficult to mix the families in a single headline or as emphasis in a block of copy.

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New Type: StagJuly 14, 2007

Stag started as a small family of slab serifs commissioned for headlines by the US edition of Esquire magazine and eventually grew into a sprawling multi-part family including a flexible sans companion and two additional display variants that are probably best described as special effects.

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Typographica on GardaDecember 25, 2005

William Berkson reviews Garda

Garda is a set of three classically proportioned titling caps. The full serif, #1, is as elegant as Trajan, but more genial. The small serif, #2 achieves a new look with straight horizontals and verticals, tapered rounds, and noticeable, but not assertive serifs.

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Foundry: FelicianoJuly 14, 2005

Mário Feliciano joins Village upon our launch.

The Feliciano Type Foundry represents the typographic and type design work of Mário Feliciano who was born in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal in 1969. Studied graphic design at IADE Lisbon until 1993.

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Foundry: LuxTypo.July 14, 2005

LuxTypo. the foundry of graphic and type designer, Greg Lindy, moves over from Thirstype to Village upon our launch.

Greg Lindy is the founder and creative director of Lux Typographic + Design, which he launched in 2009. The Los Angeles studio is based on Greg’s expertise and innovative work in type and brand.

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Foundry: SchwartzcoJuly 14, 2005

Schwartzco, Christian Schwartz’s foundry, joins Village upon our launch.

Schwartzco, Inc. was founded by type designer Christian Schwartz, and is based in New York City. Christian specializes in custom typefaces for publications and corporate identities, and has designed commercial fonts for several respected foundries.

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