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New Type: MarignyMarch 27, 2014

Marigny, designed by Tal Leming of Type Supply, is a friendly typeface that takes its job seriously. It lives in the intersection of writing, lettering and typography. Technically, it’s a typeface, of course, but it looks like a very nicely lettered interpretation of a handwritten version of a traditional typeface.

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Typographica’s Best of 2013: BaltoMarch 13, 2014

Colin M. Ford writes: Balto is designer Tal Leming’s reinterpret­ation of an American Gothic, a style of sans serif made popular by Morris Fuller Benton and the American Type Foundry. Just as Benton set out, with his ‘Gothics’ (Alternate Gothic, Franklin Gothic, News Gothic, and others), to cull the herd of discontinuous sans serifs that filled ATF’s catalog, Leming set out to make an American Gothic that emphasizes ‘the base ideas of the style rather than particular visual attributes, quirks or artifacts of bygone type tech­nologies’ that were added to previous interpretations.

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Typographica’s Best of 2013: OdestaMarch 13, 2014

Dyana Weissman writes: I hate this typeface.

I hate it because I wish I had drawn it myself. But I didn’t. And even if I had, who is to say whose would be better? It doesn’t matter, because this is excellent, and there is no need to even try.

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Typographica’s Best of 2013: DomaineMarch 13, 2014

John Boardley writes: Kris Sowersby’s Domaine family has its origins in a logotype for the Australian wine company, Hardys. I am an unabashed fan of Sowersby’s work. He is an exceptional type designer, one who has a particularly acute sense of what good type should look like.

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New Type: DignitasMarch 7, 2014

Dignitas, briefly known as “Gravitas”, is a contemporary take on Roman inscriptional capitals. The face was originally designed by Christian Schwartz and Dino Sanchez originally as part of their high-concept Luxury Collection. As such, it takes an almost parodic approach to the idea of elegance. The large x-height is balanced out by very long ascenders and descenders, and though it was promoted as a text face, its delicate details work best at 18pt and above.

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