Alphabet Broadside

Letterpress Print / 2015

12” x 18” (304mm x 457mm) broadside, printed letterpress in black ink on chip board. The edges are gilded in metallic pink. Featuring (at least) two glyphs per foundry to show the strength of Village as a whole. It will ship Standard Mail in a 17” x 21” mailer to ensure it reaches you without bent corners.

A Silva—a sneak peek at a lovely upcoming release from Blackletra / Daniel Sabino

B Odesta / URTD / Ondrej Jób

C Brooklyn Stencil / Constellation / Chester Jenkins

D Balto / Type Supply / Tal Leming

E Haltrix / Haltrix / Daniel Sabino

F Typewriter / A2-Type / Henrik Kubel

G Kommissar / Schwartzco / Christian Schwartz

H Aero / Constellation / Chester Jenkins & Jeremy Mickel

I Shift / MCKL / Jeremy Mickel

J Pitch / Klim / Kris Sowersby

K Gustan / LuxTypo. / Greg Lindy

L Galaxie Cassiopeia / Constellation / Chester Jenkins

M Frauen—a sneak peek at a gorgeous calligraphic upcoming release from Lucas Sharp, (who will be moving from our Incubator foundry to his own slot, imminently)

N Stag Dot / Schwartzco / Christian Schwartz

O Kaas / Incubator / Hugo d‘Alte

P Freya Headline—a sneak peek at the beautiful & long-awaited display companion to Freya / Incubator / Saku Heinänen

Q Domaine Sans Fine / Klim / Kris Sowersby

R Sharp Sans No. 2 / Incubator / Lucas Sharp

S Flama Ultracondensed / Feliciano / Mário Feliciano

T Router / MCKL / Jeremy Mickel

U Garda / Feliciano / Mário Feliciano

V Ohm / Type Supply / Tal Leming

W Calibre / Klim / Kris Sowersby

X Colette / LuxTypo. / Greg Lindy

Y Dignitas / Schwartzco / Christian Schwartz

& Regular / A2-Type / Henrik Kubel

Z Doko / URTD / Ondrej Jób