Centra No.2

Specimen Folio / 2017

Centra No.2, the modernist edition of the Centra series, is a contemporary take on the modernist geometric that emphasizes texture and refinement. It leans into its modernist roots and employs a rationalist system of diagonal shears in its curvilinear terminals. Instead of strict adherence to a formal geometric structure, designer Josh Finklea’s approach to the Bauhaus model is largely aesthetic. While Futura and other historical models of the genre were designed as distilled typographic expressions of modernism, Centra acts as a contemporary typographic expression with modernist characteristics.

Two A4-sized printed pages featuring Centra No.2, a geometric sans with a humanist foundation of the Centra series, designed by Josh Finklea with Lucas Sharp. Printed in white ink on Mohawk Curious in Desiree Red. Hole punched to fit in an A4 binder.