Sharp Slab

Specimen Folio /

Sharp Slab, designed by Lucas Sharp with Connor Davenport, is the Egyptian-slab serif companion to Sharp Sans. Drawn at the behest of campaign design director Jennifer Kinon, Shap Slab originated as a typographic palate expansion for the Hillary 2016 campaign. Sharp Slab served as a strong and approachable voice, delivering iconic slogans in crisp, ebullient typography. As the complimentary slab-serif to our flagship multipurpose geometric, Sharp Slab performs admirably at a range of optical sizes, from caption to display settings.

Two A4-sized printed pages featuring Sharp Slab designed by Lucas Sharp with Connor Davenport. Printed in black and white inks on Mohawk Keaykolour in Baltic Sea. Hole punched to fit in an A4 binder.