Tiempos Fine

Specimen Folio / 2018

Tiempos Fine is an elegant addition to Klim’s Tiempos Headline and Text superfamily. It was drawn specifically for the National Geographic Magazine editorial team. They liked the aesthetic and functionality of Tiempos Headline, but wanted something more elegant. Tiempos Fine is exactly that: a refined and elegant cut of Tiempos Headline. Noe Blanco kept the proportions and fit, and intensified the interplay between the sharp details and warm curves. The resulting crispness is a welcome addition to the Tiempos family.

Two A4-sized printed pages featuring Tiempos Fine, an elegant new addition to the Tiempos superfamily, designed by Kris Sowersby. Printed in black ink on Mohawk Keaykolour in Cobblestone. Hole punched to fit in an A4 binder.