Type Specimen Folio

Type specimen collection / 2019

Our Type Specimen Folio contains A4-size printed specimen sheets for every Village release from 2017 through February 2019. The specimen are contained in a silver 10.625” x 12.375” x 3.125” binder with a white powder-coated 4-ring mechanism. Additional specimen sheets can be ordered individually or by year of release.

A4-size specimen sheets included: Sharp Grotesk and Post Grotesk by Sharp Type, Marcin Antique and Marcin Typewriter by Feliciano Type Foundry, Financier Display and Financier Text by Klim, Centra No.1 and Centra No.2 by Sharp Type, 2017 letterpress printed divider page, Cosmica by Constellation, Gustan Display by LuxTypo, and Sharp Slab Beatrice Display and Beatrice by Sharp Type.