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Schwartzco, Inc. was founded by type designer Christian Schwartz, and is based in New York City. Christian specializes in custom typefaces for publications and corporate identities, and has designed commercial fonts for several respected foundries. Many of Schwartz’s typefaces have been proprietary designs for corporations such as Bosch and Deutsche Bahn, both with design luminary Erik Spiekermann, Symantec, with Conor Mangat, and EMI, for the marketing of George Harrison’s final album. Schwartz has also designed typefaces for many publications including the US edition of Esquire, Roger Black’s redesign of the Houston Chronicle, and the extensive Guardian Egyptian family, with Paul Barnes, for The Guardian’s dramatic new look in 2005. The Guardian work has been honored by D&AD and the redesign team was shortlisted for the Designer of the Year prize by the Design Museum in London. Schwartz and Barnes were recently named two of the 40 most influential designers under 40 by Wallpaper magazine.

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