Panettone From Roy

An elegant typesetting of Lucas Sharp’s Ogg takes center stage here

The New York office of Base Design this strikingly elegant packaging for Roy Shvartzapel’s retail launch of his luxury baked goods. The design features Lucas Sharps’s Ogg typeset beautifully, centered on a stark white box.

For 15 years, Roy Shvartzapel has traveled the globe, working for and learning from the most important gastronomic figures of our time, including Pierre Hermé, Ferran Adria, and Thomas Keller. After conceiving and launching his own standout bakery, Common Bond in Houston, Roy has now embarked on his next endeavor, From Roy, a luxury bakery on a quest to deliver the finest products in the world.

Fast Co. writes: ‘Base’s concept is minimalist, and emphasizes the product and storytelling behind the brand. Min Lew, Partner and Creative Director of Base Design New York, says, “The bakery is really about Roy and his philosophy, rigor, and passion. We wanted to see how we could portray and capture his dedication.” The website and packaging are rendered in crisp black and white. Each box features a ‘letter’ to customers about what the brand embodies—tradition, invention, and quality ingredients—and is emblazoned with From Roy’s logo, a wordmark in a custom font that riffs on a signature.’

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Onomie Beauty

Lucas Sharp’s Ogg is paired with Helvetica on the packaging for a new beauty company

Lucas Sharp’s Ogg in use in the identity and packaging programme for the new skincare and makeup company, Onomie.

‘Onomie was created to simplify beauty and maximize the benefits of individual beauty products, for women who recognize that beauty should not be complicated. We combine advanced skincare and makeup technology to create multi-benefit products that save time and deliver visible results.’

‘We sell directly to consumers and cut out the middle-man to deliver the highest-grade beauty products at a more accessible price. We name our shades after female geniuses from history to honor the unsung women heroes of the past and inspire female leaders of the future.’

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Massimo Dutti

Lucas Sharp's Ogg in use by Barcelona designer, Ana Mirats, for fashion brand, Massimo Dutti

Barcelona designer Ana Mirats used Ogg gorgeously in the 2014 Spring/Summer lookbook for Spanish fashion brand Massimo Dutti.

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Not Coming to a Theatre Near You

Ogg in use on Not Coming’s 2013 Year in Review

Ogg is in beautiful use on the 2013 Year in Review on Not Coming to a Theater Near You. It has been paired with Process Type Foundry’s Maple and Elena.

‘Not Coming to a Theater New You began as a printed column in 1998, was published in varying capacities, and arrived at its current form as this web site (launched in October 2001). If not discerned in its title, this site assumes a bias towards older, often unpopular, and sometimes unknown films that merit a second look.’

We spotted this on Typewolf.

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Pagan & Sharp 2013 printed collection

Ogg in use in a sample card from the P&S 2013 printed collection

A beautifully printed catalogue of Pagan & Sharp’s typefaces to date. See new Incubator member, Lucas Sharp’s new release Sharp Sans and his upcoming release Ogg featured in this set. Designed in collaboration with Justin Sloane. Produced in collaboration with Jesse Hiebo.

To purchase the P&S collection, please click here

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