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Neon Signs and Fear of FailureMarch 28, 2017

I’m really good at getting typefaces halfway done and then not finishing them. Or so claims type designer Tal Leming when asked about designing the typeface Ohm in 2009. Since the 2017 Typographics branding makes prominent use of Ohm, we decided to ask Leming about the origins of the design and the motivation behind it.

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New Type: QueueDecember 9, 2014

Technology and humanity are becoming more and more intertwined every day. We are increasingly experiencing the subtleties of life through devices that speak the unsubtle language of 1s and 0s. We interact with these devices through an unnatural communication protocol that has quickly become second nature to us.

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New Type: MarignyMarch 27, 2014

Marigny, designed by Tal Leming of Type Supply, is a friendly typeface that takes its job seriously. It lives in the intersection of writing, lettering and typography. Technically, it’s a typeface, of course, but it looks like a very nicely lettered interpretation of a handwritten version of a traditional typeface.

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Typographica’s Best of 2013: BaltoMarch 13, 2014

Colin M. Ford writes: Balto is designer Tal Leming’s reinterpret­ation of an American Gothic, a style of sans serif made popular by Morris Fuller Benton and the American Type Foundry. Just as Benton set out, with his ‘Gothics’ (Alternate Gothic, Franklin Gothic, News Gothic, and others), to cull the herd of discontinuous sans serifs that filled ATF’s catalog, Leming set out to make an American Gothic that emphasizes ‘the base ideas of the style rather than particular visual attributes, quirks or artifacts of bygone type tech­nologies’ that were added to previous interpretations.

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Typographica on TimoniumMarch 13, 2013

Ben Kiel reviews Timonium:

Tal Leming has built a career on his ability to deftly turn both the geometric (United, Bullet, and Mission + Control, for example) and the lettered (Burbank, Baxter, and Shag Lounge) into well-balanced typographic forms that are aesthetically rooted in their source material but function flawlessly in contemporary typographic applications.

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New Type: TimoniumAugust 1, 2012

There is a sans serif, high contrast, geometric style of lettering that I’ve been fascinated by for several years. It shows up throughout modern design history like a time traveling jack of all trades. I recall seeing variations of the style on cereal boxes, jazz album covers, pharmaceutical advertisements, stereophonic sound systems, action movie titles, and, most recently, athletic and automobile racing logos

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New Type: OhmDecember 28, 2009

The funny thing about Ohm is that I never intended to draw a faux-neon typeface — it just kind of happened. It all started with an old, busted sign in the window of an abandoned meat market.

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New Type: TorqueDecember 28, 2009

Torque began its life as an amalgamation of an American athletic lettering style and classic ‘space’ lettering styles. There were also references to the video games, ‘laser’ games and 1980s pre-teen sci-fi action movies of my youth. Over time, the family has evolved into a robust collection of display fonts that have some unusual characteristics.

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Foundry: Type SupplyDecember 28, 2009

We are pleased to welcome Tal Leming and his foundry Type Supply to Village! Aside from being an all-around good guy, Tal is hugely talented and one of the most technologically-savvy of the Village members. Tal is one of the authors of the emerging WOFF file format for type on the web.

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