TypeSupply / Queue


Technology and humanity are becoming more and more intertwined every day. We are increasingly experiencing the subtleties of life through devices that speak the unsubtle language of 1s and 0s. We interact with these devices through an unnatural communication protocol that has quickly become second nature to us. I find this fascinating and I thought it would be fun to try to capture this aspect of the zeitgeist in the form of a typeface.

Queue is the result of this experiment.

The family is at once mechanical and human. It incorporates characteristics from type styles engineered to be read by machines, shapes commonly seen in fonts designed to make it easier for humans to read computer code and the proportions and rhythm of classic humanist calligraphy. Like us humans, it tries to embrace technology without losing its soul.

Some typefaces evoke yesterday while others point toward tomorrow, but Queue was drawn to reflect the contradictory and complex world of today.

Version history

V1.000—Initial release version; 2014.11

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