Urtd / Odesta


Valentine — of loss and longing

Odesta in use by, Studio Het Mes, in a Risoprinted poster for a sound/music/film performance

Studio Het Mes writes: ‘The theme — longing and loss — and the venue, a museum for harbour history, served as a good excuse for a poster that makes a nod to nostalgia. Odesta’s expressive lowercase (with a good ij-ligature!) and small caps are paired with two types that are not nostalgic at all, but work well in this case: Neutral (with alternate ‘a’ and ‘t’) and Panorama.’

Odesta’s expressive lowercase & small caps are paired with two sans-serif types

Drink Michigan Apples

A t-shirt collaboration between Good Beer Hunting & Virtue Cider

Designer, Kyle Louis Fletcher, who plays very nicely with Odesta writes: ‘[I] finished up a type treatment for a collaboration shirt between Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting and Ryan James Burke of Virtue Cider. Cider Fest is just around the corner!’

Cherry Bounce

An adhesive label for a limited edition aged cherry bourbon liquor

Designer, Kyle Louis Fletcher’s second time out with Odesta — the small caps for this project. He writes: ‘[This is an] adhesive label for a friend’s limited edition aged cherry bourbon liquor. It tastes really good.’ We assume that means the liquor, not the label…. : )

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